Jan 31, 2012

PHOTO CHALLENGE~ "Reflection" :: Southern Utah Photography Guild

Interview with Kevin Hulett
Southern Utah Photography Guild~ President

K Hulett Photography: http://www.kevinhulett.com
How did SUPG come about, and what is the main goal for your guild?
Being in business here in St. George since 2005 there has always seemed to be animosity between the professional photographers. It's something I have always had a bad taste in my mouth about. Photography is an art, or it should be, and as an artist I feel there is room for all of us to create, share and be a support for each other rather than just treat this as a cut throat business. My goal for SUPG was to bring like minded artists together in a space that was comfortable, supportive and fun.
Andi Watkins:  www.andiwatkins.com

Annette Belnap: www.littlegemsphoto.com

Kellie Larsen:  www.elementsphotographystudio.com

What are the geographic boundaries for your guild?
There are no geographic boundaries for this Guild. However, since it's the Southern Utah Photography Guild, most of us are somewhere close. So far our meetings and events have all been held in Southern Utah, but I don't want to be limited to that. I don't want us to be limited to anything. Anyone who wants to be a positive presence in the Guild is encouraged to join.
Cindy Larkin:  http://cindergirlphotography.blogspot.com

Rachelle Kolb:  http://rachellekolb.com/

Bob Kulon:  http://www.bobkulonphoto.com

What are the benefits from being involved in a guild?
There are many benefits to being an official member of our Guild. It's a list that we're working to expand. SouthernUtahPhotographyGuild.com has links to member's pages, there's a network of helpful photographers with experience and insight, membership photoshoots and events, etc. But most important to me is just the community of like minded artists sharing what they love and being supportive of each other. It's been amazing to watch all of these artists come together and interact on their own.
Cher Houston:  http://www.facebook.com/speaknowphotography

What are some of the things that you focus on in SUPG?
SUPG is just still in it's growing phase so we seem to be focusing on new things all the time. To me, right now, I'm focused on knowing our members on a personal level, having fun with the other artists, and creating ways for us to give back to our community.

Deone Thornton:  http://www.deonethorntonphotography.com/

What kind of photographers are in your guild? 
Many different levels of photographers have joined our Guild. We have pros and noobs and people who just love the art of photography and don't own a camera. It's open to anyone.

Dustin Buchanan:  www.choosefunny.com

How often do you meet as a group?
Right now we meet on the first Tuesday of every month for general merriment and salsa. I try to throw together coffee meet ups every so often when the mood is right.

Errin Andrus:  http://www.errinandrusphotography.com/blog

Tell me about your monthly Photo Challenge.
The photo challenges are a fun project for everyone to participate in if they want. Last month our challenge was "Reflection", however the artist interprets that, and this month is "Silhouette". There's no judging or critiquing. Everything is done in a positive way to encourage our members to go out there and create!

Marla Webb

Randi Gardner: http://www.rgardnerphotographs.com/

Valerie Hart: http://www.valeriehartphotography.com

Teria Brooks: http://www.teriaphotography.com

Ryanne Day: www.MoxiePhotoz.com

Tell me about some of your other guild projects. 
Before Christmas we set up a family photo event to raise money for the local homeless shelter here in St. George. We invited anyone to come down and have their family portrait taken for $10 and all the proceeds went to Dixie Care and Share. I'd like to point people to an important video that helps shed some light on the problem here in Southern Utah and why we felt so strongly about doing something.  I want to make sure as an artist community we are using our medium to do what we can when we can.
We've had other events as well, but I'm the most proud of our Guild for this one, the support from our members to put this together was amazing.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to get involved in a guild, or start their own?
My advice to starting a Guild?? Get involved in an existing Guild, that's why they're there. If there isn't one, make sure you're starting it for the right reasons and have some free time on your hands. It's also important to have people you trust in your corner. SUPG wouldn't be where it is without Randi Gardner & Amberly Judy, among many others who have taken it on their shoulders to care about and help build SUPG.


Randi Gardner said...

Thanks for sharing about us! I love our group!

andi watkins said...

awesome! I love everyone's entry, and I especially love Katie's video;)

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' all the diversity of each photographers unique idea of what "reflection" means to them. Awesome!

Kevin and Katie Hulett said...

Love seeing all these different styles side by side. Makes me ridiculously happy.

Cindy Larkin said...
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Cindy Larkin said...

I LOVE this too! The originality and diversity is fabulous!!! Such a fun group!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

So very fun!!! Thanks for including mine! HAVE LOVED being a part of the guild so far.

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