Jun 25, 2010

Shalimar Studios Presents...

Raj & Sumera by photographer Yasmin Tajik

"My heart is singing. Not just because I witnessed and photographed a wedding, but because it was an Indian Sikh wedding. And I was asked and honored to be chosen to shoot the wedding with my dear friend and fellow photographer Ruby. Both Ruby and I come from Middle Eastern families so when we were presented the opportunity to put our photography skills to work for a project that pays homage to our cultures, it took on a different meaning for us. We understand the language, the culture, and the traditions. But the most joyful part of being at this amazing event, is sharing it with others. 
I wish I could recount every detail for you so that you can understand the culture and traditions, but that would take far too long. Instead, please enjoy the images below of some of the work that I am most proud of".  ~Yasmin Tajik

[To see more images from Yasmin please visit Shalimar Studios].

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