Jul 1, 2010

Learning From A Pro

What is O.C.F. and What Do I Need to Get Started by Ali Hohn

O.C.F:  "What is it? It's using some sort of external light source (speedlite/studio light) outside with you and the sun. You can shoot at pretty much anytime of the day whereas with natural light it's more limiting. I typically use an Alien Bee 1600 light powered by Alien Bees Vagabond and my beauty dish. It took me a while to actually understand how to do Off Camera Flash but you can almost use those same techniques in the studio as well. There are a few more things you change when you are outside. But....Off Camera Flash has changed my life and also my editing time. I don't do very much to my photos anymore. They look incredible straight out of the camera.  Once you get your exposures correctly with O.C.F. it will become a breeze to shoot (other than lugging gear around), but personally, I absolutely love shooting this way!"

Would you like to take your photography to the next level? Don't miss out on Ali's Workshops!More information on O.C.F. photography can be found on her website [http://www.rockthatocf.com/]. She also has an O.C.F. Field Guide and an Online Book to help get you started!

"Just 2 days after buying Ali Hohn's Book on OFF CAMERA FLASH I can see the value in my purchase!" ~Leaha Bourgeois

Ali's One Day Workshop Schedule:
Salt Lake City, Utah September 23-24
Peoria, Illinois October 1-3
California October 22-24
Austin, Texas November 5-7

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