Feb 27, 2011

Should I hire a stylist?

by Jennifer Mercier

"The perfect photograph
takes not only time, but effort. The photographer knows this, and a stylist knows this as well.  When you put a lot of time and thought into the location, lighting, and creativity to obtain the optimal images, bringing a stylist on board can be the final piece that brings it all together. Here are a few things to consider before the day of the special event, so that you are not left scratching your head wondering why the look isn't as flawless as you envisioned it to be. 

Product, product, product! The cold hard truth is that the lenses used on cameras pick up every little flaw. From the slightly dark circles under the eyes to the newly formed stress pimple, these are things that a common makeup brand will show through to the camera in conjunction with lighting. A true makeup artist will use professional products that are specifically designed to cover problem areas. We have expertise in hiding flaws and accenting your client’s best features, such as making the nose appear smaller, making cheek bones look higher, and getting the eyes to glisten under the flash.  These little tricks are just a few benefits you get from inviting a make-up artist to be a part of your creative team. We can truly transform ordinary into extraordinary. 

Photo by Nick Moody
Initially it may seem to be a great idea to cut costs by having a friend of the clients do their hair and makeup, however it can be a slippery slope.  Generally once a client leaves their salon they're on their own.  If you happen to find a stylist who will do a location shoot, that is an added bonus.  Even with a run through, hair can have a mind of its own. A run-through is always recommended and a lot of stylists will add that into their overall fees. Stylists are professionals that are trained in the art of dealing with moody hair, and having a stylist on location allows for a lot of perks. Should you need a style change on the shoot, or your hair needs to be prepped for a new shot, that’s what we get paid for. Think of us as your creative wing man. 

Photo by Cherie Hogan
Also, here is some food for thought.  Alot of photographers and stylists work very well together in the art of creativity. If it’s out of the box pictures that you seek, have a sit down with the client and stylist together. Creativity gets us all excited! As for cost, a lot of people bargain shop. Do not go with a stylist just because they are the least expensive.  Remember there is a reason for that bargain basement price. It's also not necessary to book the most expensive stylist either. Most of us will work out a package deal, should both parties decide to go that route. I usually recommend a decision based on personality and portfolio. Also, find a stylist who loves to think out of the box. This can help take a simple graduation or engagement picture to a whole new level!  Communication is an absolute must for any photo shoot. It is imperative that you and your stylist get on the same page. At the end of the day we both are in this business to make people look and feel beautiful."

Photo by Cherie Hogan


Elder Larkin said...

Makes me want to get really creative and invite a stylist to come along on my next shoot! Thanks Jennifer!

Unknown said...

Great article... I just got my DSLR and I'm the happiest guy.....