May 22, 2011

Rookie Photog Shares Her First Wedding Session

By Julianna Collett

Photography has been a part of my life since I had a job in college at a camera store, however I didn’t get serious about learning the technical side of imagery until about three years ago when I reluctantly decided I had to learn to use my digital camera. I am self- taught but by that I mean, with the internet all the resources and tips are out there for the reading. I began stalking the blogs of people who were generous with there knowledge and photo tips and as I learned and had specific questions I would simple google it! I still do, especially when it comes to computer related problems!

I am coming up on my first anniversary of taking paid clients and this was my first solo wedding ( with my daughter as my assistant). My camera bag is ever evolving, right now I shoot with a Nikon D700 with a battery grip, 50mm 1.4, 105 mm 2.8 macro and a Holga. I recently purchased a Minolta Maxxum 9000 film camera and I am looking forward to experimenting with that.

Although I am grateful for the immediate feedback digital photography gives me in enabling me to learn the technical side of the craft, computers make me cry! I am always striving to keep my editing as simple as possible. I use Elements 9 right now, I will upgrade soon, but it scares me (pathetic I know) Every photo shoot my goal is to get more exactly right in camera than I did the last time. I shoot raw so I will tweak in raw and then my edits usually include a levels adjustment if needed and then I go for softer tones so I will usually use the brighten/ contrast layer and take up the brighten slightly and take down the contrast. I quite often use a golden warming layer too. I often desaturate a bit too. On a limited number of images I will use a gradient layer.

This wedding was a great first experience for me. Ashley and Dan were so easy going and I knew a few members of the wedding party. The ladies gathered early in the morning to get ready at the brides home with lots of laughter, make-up and hair product, and a lovely breakfast. The bride gave her bridesmaids beautiful vintage teacups that photographed wonderfully against their yellow dresses [see cover]. After the ceremony, pictures were taken down by the river on the same spot they became engaged.


Larkin's said...

I absolutely love to see all this raw talent! I can hardly believe this was your first wedding...Um mine did not turn out this nice ;)
Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Anonymous said...

I really adore that photo of the little girl- lovely!

gina said...

i think you did a beautiful job! and i love that you are sharing the thoughts from this, your first wedding...we could probably talk for hours about know i just shot my first solo one too;) anyway, love this and can't wait to see more wonderfulness from you!