Jun 30, 2011

Featured Session :: Maternity

by: Alexander Mo

The location was Mountain View Park in Henderson, NV, a bustling new suburb just outside of Las Vegas.  It has a small baseball field, which is perfect for Jeanette and Justin, as they are HUGE baseball fans, specifically Angels fans.

For lighting, I normally have the sun behind the couple so as to avoid squinting.  Otherwise, I like the sun facing them as it gives off a nice, natural light.  Sometimes it can be a bit tricky when the couple is facing each other, but fortunately the shoot was fairly early in the morning, so the sun didn't create very harsh shadows.

For posing, I decided on a more cute session with a sprinkle of fine-art photography.  It really depends on the couple, so you have to observe and see what best fits their personality.  The fine-art approach, however, is more universal as it comes from integrating the couple with the background and finding cool angles and pretty compositions that are pleasing to the eye.

My name is Alex Mo, and I'm living the dream of doing what I love most and making a career out of it.  My photography is defined by the beauty of the world we live in.  Long ago are the days of dark, underexposed photos.  Today, more and more folks want to be photographed in more unique and artistic ways, defined by bright imagery and vibrant colors.  With a keen eye for the arts, and an undying passion for what I love to do, I would be more than exhilarated to capture your wedding or portrait session with style.

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