Jul 31, 2011

Nature's Beauty from the Far North

By Lisa Kryschuk

Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan, Canada! My name is Lisa and I am a mom to three wonderful kids! I am also a Portrait and Wedding Photographer from Denare Beach, SK.  [http://www.lisakryschukphotography.com/]

One of my favorite pastimes is capturing the beauty all around us. From flowers to bugs, I truly love capturing what I see through my lens for others to enjoy.

I am not at all what one would call an outdoor girl.  I am not adventureous by any means! My nature shots started with raindrops on flowers, slowly moving up to bees and spiders (which by the way, scare me silly)!  With a little motivation, my husband started convincing me that there was more to the world than my flower garden. Soon birds and animals were added to my porfolio.

The most rewarding images I have taken so far have been of this magestic eagle. I had a wonderful day with my Dad and Uncle, patiently waiting for the eagle to visit while they ice fished. When the eagle decided to join us, I was truly amazed with his size and beauty. I will never forget the thrill I got that afternoon. This experience is very dear to me... memories to always cherish.

Saftey is always a must with any type of nature shots. Bees sting, and well...bears can eat you!!!  Seriously I am not trained by any means in wild animal photography, and the bear pictures were taken with my Canon 70-200 mm 2.8 L IS USM and taken from the safety of my car. I will leave the serious wildlife photography to the experts!

Many of my nature shots were taken with my 24-70mm 2.8L lens, but I finally bought a 100mm 2.8L macro lens and I am seriously falling in love! I love how close it brings you to the subject.  But, now I want even closer, and have extension tubes on my "wish list".


Elder Larkin said...

These images are AH-MAZING!!! My husband LOVES the eagle! All he could say was "WOW!..."

mom and dad said...

They are all fantastic shots Lisa!!! I too love the eagle shots . They are truly amazing!!!!! We are all sooooo proud of you!!!

Linda H. said...

I can't believe the detail you manage to capture and how beautiful the pictures are.

Unknown said...

um AMAZING!!! this is some of the best macro photography I have ever seen

tours in pakistan said...

Amazing. I am going on trekking in Pakistan trip this year may be you can share some trips for photography.