May 28, 2010

Capture Their Dream Wedding

It's All In The Details by Cindy Larkin

[photo's by Jennie Slade]

Photography is one of the most important parts of the Bride and Grooms "Big Day". Your photographs are the treasure they will take with them, and cherish for many years to come. It's very important to ask sincere questions before you shoot to find out what makes them unique so you can capture their true personality through your lense. Find out if they are dramatic or laid back. Do they like bold statements or quiet moments? Do they want staged pictures, or photo-journalism style shots, or a combination of the two. Here is a mini checklist to add to your repertoire that can help you showcase the details of their big day:
[photo's by Jennie Slade]

1. Bride putting on her veil, earrings, or shoes.

2. Bride applying makeup or having her hair done

3. Close-ups of hair from the back and side

4. Close-ups and details of Bride's dress/ Groom's tux/ their shoes/ and rings

5. Close-ups of the Bride's bouquet and Groom's tie/boutineer

6. Special interactions between Bride and Groom and loved ones

7. Detail of cake and centerpieces

8. Close-up of bride and groom’s faces during first kiss/dance

9. Bride throwing bouquet

10. Couple leaving in limo/get-away car

[photo's by Jennie Slade]

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