Sep 30, 2011

Ciao Bella!

History...amazing architecture...rustic castles & churches...Italy is like nothing I could ever imagine.  When Terri and I arrived, all the trees were just beginning to blossom and it made me ache to stay here long enough to see it in full summer bloom.

We came to Italy for a photography workshop [Becker & Dale & Meredith Benfield wedding workshop], but mostly because I was desperate to see Ilaria (our foreign exchange student) and her family again. 

The people were lovely, the red wine, cheese, and gelato, amazing!  But the most delicious food by far, came from Ilaria's home kitchen, where her grandmother and family did all of the cooking for us.

The best way to experience another country is to stay in a native home and experience day to day life, culture, and food.  True Italian Lasagna is like nothing I could ever was so good, I just wanted to keep it in my mouth and savour it forever!

Getting off the beaten path, and into the heart of the country, is where we were able to see and experience so much more.  Although I'm not Italian, something about Italy just made me feel like I was home.  I made a promise to myself that I will go back one day.  I don't feel like I simply "love" Italy...I feel like I "need" it!  

Equipment used:  Canon 5D Mark II, 50 mm 1.2, 100 macro, 35L, and my lensbaby composer (the cheapest, but most fun piece of camera equipment that I own!) 

Often I see friends on facebook or various places asking for a good point & shoot camera recommendation, because they don't want to take their good gear on a big trip.  Seriously??  Take the GOOD gear!  I would've gone crazy if I had seen so many amazing sights without my good equipment!  Take less lenses if you must...but if it's a trip of a lifetime, these will be memories worth capturing with your good gear!

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