Sep 1, 2011

Traveling the World

~by Shauna Roughley 
People gave us crazy looks and shook their heads when they heard my husband Gareth and I were quitting our jobs, renting out our house and abandoning conventional responsibility to spend a year traveling.
London - Westminster Bridge
Adventure, fun, and fulfilling a dream was the aim for our year away from Edmonton. The amazing photos we have captured has been a side effect of visiting so many awe-inspiring places, having the time to set up for shots, and constantly keeping our eyes open for opportunities.

Walking the Lanes of Wales

Misty Morning Shot. Towy Valley, Wales
 We left Edmonton on December 8, 2010 and headed to the UK to spend some much-needed quality time with Gareth’s family. This would be my first UK Christmas, and my first Christmas away from home. The weather was beautiful when we arrived, the warm days a welcome relief to the freezing temperatures of Edmonton. We took advantage as much as we could, jogging in the sleepy lanes of Wales and walking the hilly countryside to visit castle ruins.

Dryslwyn Castle. Towy Valley, Wales
Snowy morning in Wales
The beautiful weather was not meant to last for us, and one morning we awoke to thick, fluffy snow.

Snowy Cotswolds, England
Queensferry, Scotland
The snow didn’t stop us though; we soon headed to the Cotswolds. The stone cottages were covered with snow, an uncommon sight not many people experience. The area came to a standstill, cars abandoned on the side of the road, their drivers welcomed into the pubs and restaurants to sit beside the warm, blazing fires.

Hogmany, Scotland
Edinburgh was in the cards for Christmas and their massive Hogmany new years eve celebration. The streets were packed with people celebrating, cheering, in jovial spirits. Everyone was friendly and welcoming as we wandered Princess Street, taking in the spectacular views of the night. Seeing the fireworks over Edinburgh castle was the perfect end to our time in the UK.

Markets. Hong Kong
We hopped on a plane for Hong Kong in the early days of 2011. The warm weather, busy streets and smoggy air was a shock to the system after the snowy Christmas we had just experienced. We soaked in this new culture, seeing as much as we possibly could in the six days we were there. We hit the pavement taking in the various markets, the temples, the old culture mixed with the new technology. Our taste buds were tantalised by the street food, from noodles to meat on a stick to sugar cane tea. Hong Kong is a constant contrast of old and new, high culture and street culture, calm mornings and frantic, busy nights.
Tai Chi in Kowloon Park. Hong Kong

Kung Fu Corner. Kowloon Park, Hong Kong
Next up - Tasmania, Australia. We visited friends who showed us some of the best Tassie has to offer. We drove to Bicheno, and spent a day hiking from Wineglass Bay to Hazards Beach on the Freycinet Peninsula, enjoying the hot sun and the turquoise ocean.

Bicheno, Tasmania, Australia
Hazards Beach, Tasmania, Australia
We reached our destination for the year on January 27, 2011 - New Zealand. We had no set plans, no obligations, nothing set in stone for a year. Our only plan was to buy a camper van and tour the country.

R. Tucker Thompson Tall Ship. Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Gareth and I quickly fell into a routine with our home-on-wheels. Our living space was smaller than a queen sized bed so everything had to be kept in its place, at all times. Every nook and cranny in the van was utilized – the glove compartment became our medicine cabinet, our closets were plastic buckets that were shifted to the bed during the day, to the front seat at night. We each had one mug, one plate, one set of cutlery. We learned how little we needed to survive, how little material possessions were necessary to keep us fed and clothed.

Elliot Bay, New Zealand
Matai Bay, New Zealand
The benefit of always having our home with us has been obvious on numerous occasions. Its not possible to forget anything, because everything we own comes with us! If we fancy a swim, we can grab our suits from the back. If it gets late, we can camp out on the side of the road for the night. This has allowed us to view some splendid sunsets, and be in a perfect spot for spectacular sunrises.

East Cape, New Zealand
Taking the time to drive around New Zealand with no set plans and no firm timeline has presented us with many opportunities. We have worked in a small winery called ¼ Acre Wines in Hawke’s Bay through their busy harvest season. Our passion for good wine is now accompanied by a healthy appreciation for the amount of work that goes into a good bottle of wine.
Gisborne, New Zealand

Tangoio, New Zealand
We still have half of the country to see - the spectacular south island. We have been told by numerous people that the south island is a photographer’s paradise, so we can’t wait to head down and explore. There is so much more to see, so much more to experience. We feel like we’re just getting started.

Bridal Veil Falls, New Zealand

Bingo the Bongo Mazda Van

We’re documenting our trip on our blog, we would love for you to come along with us on our adventure:


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this is an amazing story, and the images are stunning! thank you for sharing!

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What a dream come true! Some of us only dream of being so daring and following our passions. Fantastic images!!!

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