Dec 1, 2011

Get the Look

by Becka Robinson -Studio 222 Photography

"We’re so excited to announce a new Friday column over at Studio 222 Photography. It’s called 'GET THE LOOK' and in it we’ll be taking inspiring interior design photographs from the pages of today’s most influential design magazines and catalogs and breaking them down into simple, easy to replicate guides to help you get the look in your own homes for less! You know, in case you need a weekend project. ;) There is no bigger photographic tragedy than to get your images back and then never do anything with them. Especially when it is so very easy to create modern, eye-catching displays in your home for less than buying a painting.We hope you leave inspired! Let’s get started with our first installment shall we?
This look comes direct from the pages of Southern Living Magazine and is so easy that you’re not going to believe it. Southern Living created a modern gallery wall grid display using borderless clip style frames hung perfectly spaced in a large rectangle. You can easily tweak this design to make it a square if you are a symmetry addict. Here’s the breakdown:
Studio 222 Photography   getthelook southernliving studio222 Get the Look | Modern Grid from Southern Living Magazine

Shopping List Breakdown: 
We hunted down 4×6 borderless clip frames and were thrilled to see that our beloved superstore Ikea sells them in packs of 4 for the low low price of $0.99/pack. Can you believe it? How much do you love us right now? You’ll need to pick up 8 packs and you’ll end up with 2 extra frames but with a grand total rolling in at $8 we think you’ll still be jumping for joy.
Next you’ll need to pick out 30 of your favorite images from your online proofing gallery. We suggest using all color or all black & white for a cohesive look to your display. Head on over to our proofing site to pick your favorites and place your order. We also suggest ordering your 4×6 prints in a bundle to save money. We offer sets of 50 and 100 at a BIG FAT discounted bulk price of over 50% off. (And since these images are going to be a huge focal point in your home, you deserve to invest in professionally printed pieces that look absolutely gorgeous.) While you’re waiting for your prints to arrive in the mail, go hunt down a tape measure, level, and pencil so you can start to map out a grid on your wall for your prints.

Measure how far from the top of your wall and the bottom you will make your grid and then use your pencil to mark on the wall where each nail should go. Use your level to make sure that your tape measure is straight so that you don’t end up with crooked lines of prints. This is the hardest part but if you take the time to map it out precisely it will be a breeze to hang up all your images perfectly without wasting a lot of time (or leaving a lot of nail holes in your walls).
When your images arrive, clear some space on the floor or on a table and lay them out in a grid. Move the photos around until you find an arrangement you like. Then one by one put them in their frames and add their frames to the wall. When you’re done snap a photo and send it to us! We can’t wait to see how you turn your photos into art in your home!"

Studio 222 Photography   blogsignature Get the Look | Modern Grid from Southern Living Magazine

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