Dec 1, 2011

Session Share

by Mary Lynn Photography

I've sat here wondering exactly how to go about explaining my passion for photography. I wish I could write a story that would describe just how much this world means to me and how much I enjoy every moment I get to capture. A friend told me that I don't need to write anything, I am already capturing a story when I shoot a photo.

I love this concept; I love writing stories with my images. Even though you are getting a glimpse of a beautiful little girl with green eyes, her story may tell that she is a spitfire with a soft spot for her mama. Or perhaps by chance, you may come across a photo of a family that is snuggled close, hanging in there despite the chill, their love is captured for decades to come.

I don't believe I could ever write a novel with words in the same way that I could with a series of photos. I hope to share as many stories in this lifetime as I am able to provide.

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Larkin's said...

Gorgeous images Mary! Love your work!